Who We Are

Our story began when Chad, Co-Founder and CFO, researched the endless possibilities that a successful e-commerce company could create. He began by purchasing clearance items from local retailers and reselling them on Amazon. Thus began the trial and error period to learn the complex platform that Amazon has become, learning what works and what doesn't. Co-Founders Derek and Justin became intrigued with his vision to start his own business and partnered together to bring their knowledge to the group. Quick successes led to World Class Deals opening in April 2018. Built and maintained by our core values of dependability, honesty, innovation, and loyalty, WCD prides itself on forming meaningful, committed relationships with brand partners. We work with brands that share our vision and provide top-notch commitment to promote growth.

World Class deals

Our Core Values

Be ambitious

We don't believe in an end for potential growth. We strive to generate perpetual financial success for our brand partners. We draw on our relentless work ethic, extensive experience with e-commerce platforms, and inventory management to generate, document, and maintain partner successes.

Drive Excitement

We ensure that our brand partners’ products and customer relationships are at the forefront of our business. We strive to create excitement around our portfolio of products and brands, and create a consistency that allows universal success.

build Confidence

An integral part of our business is building and maintaining crucial relationships with our brands partners. Our success is measured qualitatively with how we treat our partners and customers. We strive to establish relationships of trust, communication, and mutual success.

provide relief

We're here to provide top cover for our trusted brand partners and alleviate potential financial, logistical, and other stressors that may present themselves in the often-volatile retail marketplace. Therefore we ensure and deliver top notch, world class services to ensure success.


World Class Deals

Warren, Michigan                                               Established in 2018


Chad Anderson

Justin Eagle

Derek Dycio

Innovators in Marketplace Retail

We strive to discover creative ways to be highly competitive in the ever changing retail marketplace. Maintaining a state of professionalism is at the forefront of our service.

a value-added reseller

Product Page Optimization

Monitor and Enforce MAP Policies

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Advertise Products at No Cost

Surveil Product Pages for Unauthorized Resellers



The Right Choice

With new e-commerce resellers entering the market daily, our main focus is to educate brands on the importance of authorizing the right seller(s). A Value-Added Reseller (VAR) will position product(s) the most efficient way possible to increase sales velocity and stimulate brand growth. Don't settle for just any reseller, choose one that's WORLD CLASS!